Giraffe Recon Dart B-Site: Let the giraffe out!

Giraffe Recon Dart B-Site: Let the giraffe out!

Learning how to use the Giraffe Recon Dart at B-Site is a big deal if you are the strategic Sova who is leading the charge on the Ascent map. Position yourself so that you are facing the farthest left side of B’s main entry. Line up your crosshair with the giraffe’s alert eye, which is above the market area, and then charge that recon dart hard. If you let go of your click during a B-rush, you can watch it go through important spots like the market, the door switch, and both B-site lanes. This lineup will become your go-to way to find players who have been hiding and get an idea of how they are moving.

Giraffe Recon Dart B-Site: In terms of A-Site Stay away from A Main, aim well, and play smart.

If you are an attacker going into the A-Site area, your success will rest on how well you can clear those close areas where people often hide with shotguns. Place your agent strategically behind the green box at the entry, line up your crosshair on the huge black rock above you, and then fire a dart that can hit anything. This move works pretty well at going through the A-Site, killing any weaknesses that might be there, and setting the stage for a more smooth attack.

Giraffe Recon Dart B-Site: A smart way to use shock darts is to post plant them on a site.

Making sure the plant is safe is only the beginning. A big part of getting good at post-plant play is learning how to run Shock Dart teams. This lets you surprise your opponents without giving yourself away. After moving close to the green box in the A-lobby and lining up your second bounce bar with the tip of the cloud, you should throw a charged shock dart. By taking this exact action, you can kill enemies who are trying to defuse at the usual spot, giving you an edge in those crucial rounds.

Face-to-Face at the B-Site:

You must master the Post-Plant Shock Dart Finesse in order to make it through the post-plant situation at the B-Site. The B entrance is where you should go. Keep your eyes on the sky and move around until you are close to the small house. Position the shock dart’s sign so that it lines up with the edge, then fire it and let it fly. What will happen in the end? A perfect removal of the stock spike planters at B-Site, which was done with very little work.

These Sova teams are not just strategies; they are your key to victory if you want to rule Ascent. When you use these strategies, your game will get better, whether you’re using the Giraffe Recon Dart to check the whole area or the Shock Darts to do ninja-like moves after you plant. Get ready, work on your aim, and let the Giraffe lead you to victory in the game Ascent! You’ll be able to see how well your team can get ahead of the AGENGACOR competition.