Lunar New Year collections: Year of the Dragon

Lunar New Year collections: Year of the Dragon

Celebrate Year of the Dragon in impeccable style with an array of captivating Lunar New Year collections from renowned fashion houses. Swarovski’s Year of the Dragon Collection is a radiant choice for those seeking to infuse their wardrobe with sparkle. Bedeck yourself in dazzling necklaces and bands adorned with crystals, emanating an aura of charm and luck. For an extra dose of celestial allure, explore Swarovski’s Zodiac Dragon Collection, where every piece is crafted to perfection.

Lunar New Year collections: The Sparkling Dragon Bling from Swarovski

Lunar New Year collections: Year of the Dragon

With Swarovski’s Year of the Dragon Collection, you can add some sparkle to your life. For the Lunar New Year, they have beautiful necklaces and bands made of crystals that will make you shine. For extra luck and charm, check out their Zodiac Dragon Collection as well.

Lunar New Year collections: The stylish party at Prada

Even Prada knows how to have fun! Their Lunar New Year line has skirts made of organza, sweaters, and other things. The ad, which stars Du Juan and Zhao Lei, uses movie-style images to show how happy and hopeful the Year of the Dragon is.

The British Twist from Burberry

An old style is given a new twist by Burberry for the Lunar New Year. Walk with actor Tang Wei through the streets of Chengdu wearing a bright red color and a rose print for the season. The updated houndstooth check pays homage to the past while adding a touch of the present.

Loewe’s Elegance Inspired by Jade

The jade pendants that Loewe makes bring Chinese custom to life. These limited-edition pieces, which were made by master craftsmen, are a sign of luck and plenty. For a touch of cultural chic, the Flamenco purse in the Lunar New Year line has colors that look like jade.

The first fashion show from Bottega Veneta

In honor of the Year of the Dragon, Bottega Veneta has released a new line and a movie called “The First Sunrise With You.” The lead actress, Shu Qi, is in a movie about starting over. There are new versions of classic bags and eye-catching sneakers in the range.

Fun Pokémon Party at Fendi

For the Lunar New Year, Fendi and Pokémon have put together a fun line. Hiroshi Fujiwara’s idea of fashion meets classic Fendi shapes. For a fun and stylish party, the Baguette and Peekaboo bags are given a Pokémon twist by adding dragon-like animals.

Lunar New Year collections: Majestic Watches by Tag Heuer

Limited-edition collection watches from Tag Heuer will help you count down to the Year of the Dragon. This watch boasts both power and dignity, with its classic Carerra style and Chinese Dragon. With gold, steel, and a touch of red paint, it’s a stylish way to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Feelings of Sandro the Urban Dragon

Their Lunar New Year line is a mix of urban cool and dragon mystique. Take your style to the next level with beautiful and bold pieces that influence by the dragon’s fiery energy. They have everything you need for a Lunar New Year look, from simple clothes for men to fancy clothes for women.

Lunar New Year collections: Piaget’s Beautiful Dragon Time

With their Lunar New Year line, Piaget gives the wrist hope and strength. The Altiplano watches have beautiful dragon and bird designs on them. High Jewelry goes all out with black opals and gold dragon designs to add a touch of elegance to your Lunar New Year outfit.

Use these great Lunar New Year sets to get ready to rock the Year of the Dragon. There’s something for everyone, whether you like sparkling crystals, trendy ready-to-wear, or Pokémon-themed fun. Let’s start the fashion party!